The Role of a Lactation Consultant When Caring for a Newborn

The Role of a Lactation Consultant When Caring for a Newborn

May 22, 2023

A lactation consultant is a trained professional who helps mothers with breastfeeding and supports the optimal care of newborns. From helping in breastfeeding to assessing feeding difficulties, the lactation consultant in Port Moody can help in providing the best care to newborns and mothers in the most effective way. Breastfeeding Clinic Vancouver provides home visits, hospital visits & clinic visits covered by care card, and MSP for the first six weeks after the delivery date. In addition, we also provide support & assessment troubleshooting breastfeeding challenges to assist with the different issues.

How do lactation consultants help in providing the best care to newborns?

A lactation consultant is a healthcare professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. They can provide a range of services to help mothers establish and maintain a successful breastfeeding relationship with their babies. If you are looking for a lactation consultant in Port Moody, we can help!

Here are some ways a lactation consultant can assist with a newborn’s care:

  • Helping with breastfeeding: A lactation consultant can assist with positioning and latching techniques to ensure a proper and comfortable breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby. They can also provide advice on how to increase milk supply and address any breastfeeding issues that may arise, such as nipple pain or poor weight gain.
  • Assessing feeding difficulties: If a newborn is having trouble feeding, a lactation consultant can assess the situation to determine the underlying cause, such as tongue tie, and offer advice on how to address it.
  • Providing education: A lactation consultant can educate new parents on the benefits of breastfeeding and the best ways to support a newborn’s nutrition and development.
  • Supporting postpartum recovery: A lactation consultant can provide emotional support to new mothers, as well as advice on postpartum care, including breast care and self-care techniques.
  • Collaborating with healthcare providers: A lactation consultant can work collaboratively with other healthcare providers, such as pediatricians and obstetricians, to ensure the newborn’s care is comprehensive and integrated.

Lactation consultants play a crucial role in supporting new mothers and their newborns in the breastfeeding journey. You will get a range of services, from assessing and improving latch and positioning to addressing any breastfeeding concerns and difficulties.

Additionally, lactation consultants guide pumping, milk storage, and feeding schedules, helping mothers establish and maintain their milk supply. By working closely with new mothers and their healthcare providers, lactation consultants can ensure that infants receive optimal nutrition and care, promoting their healthy development and well-being. Overall, the expertise and support of a lactation consultant can make a significant difference in the success and satisfaction of breastfeeding for both mother and baby.


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